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Wedding Venues Tuscan Art Cities


Florence is world-wide famous because of its art treasures. Think of the fantastic Uffizi museum, Ponte vecchio, Duomo.

The beautiful town hall, Palazzo Vecchio, used the be the habitat of the famous Medici Family. This building with its impressive tower is situated on the square Piazza della Signoria, one of the most famous squares of Italy.

It is possible to marry in the Red Hall (Sala Rossa), once the bedroom of Cosimo de' Medici

This room is called the Red Room becaus the furniture is red, the carpets are red and also the decorations are red from the Renaissance period.


Lucca sis famous becaus of its town wall around the ancient town. Within these walls there is the townhall Palazzo Orsetti.

It was built in the 16th century on the fundaments of a medieval building. The building has a Renaissance style: the entrace has a beautiful stone arcade and the walls and ceilings along the staits are decorated with wonderful frescoes.

It is possible to marry in the Green Hall (Sala Verde). The ceilings are decorated with frescoes and the walls with silk green fabric.

In Lucca it is also possible to marry in one of five storical villas a few km away from the city center. For more information just contact us.


In Siena you can marry in the famous " Sala del Concistoro" at Palazzo Pubblico, an impressive building at the square del Campo, situated at one of the most beautiful, medieval squares of Italy.

This shell-shaped square is famous for the horse races "Palio" in July and August. It is also the pefect location for romantic wedding pictures.

Palazzo Pubblico has been the town hall of Siena since the 12th century. You can also find a museum in this building with a beautiful art collection.


Pisa is world wide famous because of its leaning tower, situated on the square of Piazza dei Miracoli. The city center is quite small if you compare it to Florence.

It is possible to marry in one of the 3 rooms of the town hall: Sala Matrimonio, Sala Rossa, Sala Baleari. All rooms have a traditional style and have beautiful, ancient paintings on the wall. klassieke stijl en hebben prachtige, antieke kunstwerken aan de wand hangen.

Moreover it is possible to marry civilly in an unsacred church.


Als Arezzo is a beautiful city. perhaps you rember the film "La vita è bella" (Life is beatiful) from Roberto Benigni. This film won 3 Oscars and was made in Arezzo.

Paricularly you can recognize Piazza Grande where various parts of this film were registred. The impressive town hall is situated on the square Piazza della Libertà, just next to the Duomo.

The wedding hall is on the first floor and is a classical Counsellar room with wooden furniture and ancient paintings.

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